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Jaime Schwartz MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an internationally recognized expert in plastic surgery, specializing in advanced surgical techniques. His distinctive approach combines a “patient-first” practice with the safest and most unsurpassed, highly sought after plastic surgical procedures available in the world. Known for his innovative procedures as much as his commitment to patient safety and education, Dr. Schwartz develops guidelines through committees in conjunction with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and has been honored for
his excellence in patient care with multiple “Physician Excellence Awards.” He is a Top 100 “Core Plastic Surgeon” on Real Self, a “Rising Star” on Southern California’s Top Doctors, and has been a featured doctor on the hit TV show Botched and The Doctors.

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Our goal is to help you look and feel more like yourself, only better. When it comes to improving your natural appearances, Dr. Jaime Schwartz offers innovative techniques and signature procedures with the highest standards of patient safety and results in mind.







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Jaime S. Schwartz MD, FACS is a board-certified plastic surgeon, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Schwartz is proud to serve an international clientele, with offices in Beverly Hills, CA and Dubai.

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Jaime S. Schwartz MD, FACS


Dr. Jaime Schwartz is a true professional and is widely known for fixing some of the most complex plastic surgery problems in the industry. As a result, he is considered the surgeon that other plastic surgeons turn to for education on aesthetic and reconstructive breast and body surgery. Dr. Schwartz has dedicated himself to creating policies to enhance plastic surgery safety and increase awareness for both patients and physicians. Some of Dr. Schwartz’s accomplishments include being selected by the ASPS as 1 out of only 10 plastic surgeons in the U.S. to develop clinical practice guidelines for breast surgeries using implants and tissue expanders, developing U.S. National Guidelines for breast surgeries using autologous (your own) tissues, leading clinical trials for Mentor® Breast Implants as well as Breast Scarring Reduction, and creating the LipoLift® procedure — a safer and less invasive technique for breast reduction and lift that can also be used throughout the body.  

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"If I could give 6 stars I would!! Dr. Schwartz is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I have been researching breast augmentation doctors for the past three years and have been on numerous consultations.  The minute I met with Dr. Schwartz, I knew I was in excellent hands. Dr. Schwartz treats you like a family member instead of a patient. He is very honest and really takes his time with you. Dr. S is an artist!!!! I was very scared of the pain for a breast aug because all my friends who had their boobs done said it feels like an elephant is sitting in their chest. Not to mention, I have the lowest pain tolerance ever!!!!!! ( accupuncture hurts me). I'm not sure the technique he uses, but I had ZERO pain and only took ibuprofen. The day after surgery I was shopping at home goods ( but not lifting anything). I was and am still blown away that I didn't have ANY pain!!!! My boobs look great and natural and I couldn't be any happier. I have now started going to Dr. Schwartz for my Botox and filler. He is amazing with that too. I can honestly go on and on about how great he is, but the truth is, you have to go see him for yourself. My first consultation he spent 2 hours with me and answered every question I had. The office staff is great too. Nicole and Dawn are amazing too."



"A Pain-Free, Easy Decision leaving me Confident and Happy! - As a busy working wife and mom of 2 toddlers I was extremely nervous about taking the time to do what I had carefully considered for years....getting a mommy makeover! So, I opted for one piece of that makeover, a breast augmentation. Working in the healthcare industry and meeting many surgeons along the way challenged me to be quite selective. Meeting Dr. Schwartz and his staff made my..."



"It's hard to balance science with sexy, Dr. Schwartz and his team are the experts at both. He's incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in his craft and it shows in his results. My entire experience, from pre-op planning, to the surgery, to the aftercare went as smoothly as I could have ever hoped. He and the whole team at The Roxbury Institute will ensure that you're healthy and happy throughout the entire process. I'm finally starting to like the skin I'm in and that's only due to Dr. Schwartz!"



"botox for vaginismus - I've been dealing with vaginismus since 2012, and I quite honestly didn't even know it was called that until this procedure with Dr. Schwartz was featured on Buzzfeed. My previous gynecologist had merely told me it was a muscle spasm and that I needed physical therapy (which helped but did not work). My good friend had known I was dealing with it and sent me the video as soon as she saw it. I..."



"Incredible work - I had a labiaplasty done with Dr. Schwartz and it's been day and night for me. Ive had insecurities about my vagina since I can even remember; always kind of nervous to have new partners, not really wanting a lot of light in the bedroom. This has been so liberating and the results are amazing. I had very thick tissue which did cause my recovery to be really extended and quite painful, but that..."




Breast LipoLift® Image Explore

Breast LipoLift®

Developed by Dr. Schwartz, Breast LipoLift® is a minimally invasive technique to precisely reshape, lift, and contour the breasts.

Breast Augmentation Image Breast Aug

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation enhances the size of the breast by using implants, fat grafting or a both to create natural fullness that complements your body.

Mommy Makeover  Image Explore

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover combines multiple procedures to tighten and lift body parts with excess fat and loose skin after pregnancy.

Vaginismus Treatment Image Explore

Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus is a female sexual dysfunction that can make sexual intercourse and even tampon insertion painful, but can be treated with BOTOX.


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