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Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills offers calf implants to clients who want more definition in their calves. Many people, including those who exercise regularly, find it difficult to develop their calf muscles. "Stick legs" can be unappealing, disproportionate to the rest of your body, and impossible to correct nonsurgically. Dr. Jaime Schwartz uses a soft silicone implant to enhance this trouble area. 

signature calf implants

Clients who have disproportionately small calves may benefit from a signature calf augmentation. The first step will be the initial consultation, where Dr. Schwartz will determine if calf implants are the correct treatment for your individual body type and needs. Calf augmentation is often performed in conjunction with liposuction of both the ankle and leg to give you a sculpted, more athletic, and defined appearance to your lower legs.

Calf augmentation is a customizable procedure and clients have the option to have the inner head of the muscle enlarged, the outer head, or both, depending on their individual needs and aesthetic goals. 

After calf implant Surgery

The recovery period after a calf implant procedure is approximately one month. After the first week you should begin to feel more comfortable walking longer distances. You should be walking normally after two to three weeks and most patients can typically engage in more vigorous activities about a month or two after the surgery. Most clients are extremely satisfied with the results of their calf augmentation, which are fully visible three months post-op. 

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Calf implants FAQs

Benefits of Calf Augmentation?

Many men and women are unhappy with the size and shape of their calves to the extent that they may avoid wearing certain types of boots, or clothes that expose their lower legs. In some cases where the calf is very underdeveloped, even weight bearing exercises and extensive physical activity won't enlarge the calf muscles.

A calf implant surgery can increase the size of the calves with a silicone implant designed to mimic the natural shape and feel of your calf muscles. Having shapely calves that are proportioned to the rest of your body can result in greater freedom of clothing choices, increased self confidence, and a better overall body image. 

Schedule a consultation today to see if calf implants are the right option for you. 

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