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Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body. Luckily, women today are still able to look and feel young after having children, with a transformation known as a “mommy makeover.” Dr. Jaime Schwartz, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, combines multiple fat removal procedures, skin lifting, and tightening techniques to correct the physical effects of childbearing. Dr. Schwartz suggests that candidates for this surgery are women who cannot achieve their pre-pregnancy physique with diet and exercise alone. Simply put, they are not able to “fix” certain body parts. This procedure is tailored for each patient, but commonly involves the breasts and the abdomen.

Surgical Technique

The mommy makeover procedure is uniquely tailored to each patient depending on what body parts they want to improve. In most cases, the breasts and tummy are addressed together (though not always). The conditions addressed during surgery and the surgical technique used will vary, and will be discussed in your consultation with Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA. 


  • Addresses conditions caused by pregnancy: Loss of volume and/or breast tissue, sagging and/or drooping, excess skin (ptosis), breasts that have become too large or asymmetrical due to breast feeding.
  • Surgeries to consider: Breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, breast augmentation with a lift, breast reduction surgery.


  • Addresses conditions caused by pregnancy: Excess fat and/or persistent bulge in the abdomen, sagging and loose skin, separation of the abdominal wall muscles (diastasis), stretch marks and other unsightly skin irregularities.
  • Surgeries to consider: Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction of the abdomen.

Lower Body

  • Addresses conditions caused by pregnancy: Sagging skin and excess fat in the buttocks, hips and thighs.
  • Surgeries to consider: Lower body lift including liposuction and skin tightening of the buttocks, hips and thighs.

During/After Surgery

All mommy makeovers are performed under general anesthesia in our accredited surgical facility. Depending on how many techniques are combined, the surgery could last multiple hours. It is common for patients to have a short hospital stay with this surgery. Most women will require a full month to recover, but many will be able to return to work within 2 weeks. The results will reveal themselves in multiple stages as the changes to your body settle into their natural placement and the incisions begin to heal. It generally takes a full year for all of the changes to make their final appearance.  

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Mommy Makeover FAQs

Is It Safe?

There are always risks to consider when contemplating surgery. When procedures are combined, such as a mommy makeover, those risks can increase. Therefore, it is important to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is skilled in performing multiple procedures in one setting. Ultimately, a combination procedure can have numerous benefits, including only having to undergo surgery once — which means only one recovery and one fee.  

What if I get Pregnant?

Women are normally advised to wait to have a mommy makeover until after all pregnancies have been completed so the surgical results are not compromised. Generally, any body part that has been lifted or tightened would be at risk for stretching out if a subsequent pregnancy were to occur. 

What About Stretch Marks?

If stretch marks exist on an area of the body (i.e., breast, tummy, etc.) that is going to be lifted and tightened, they may be removed when the excess skin is trimmed away. For any stretch marks left behind, as well as any other skin irregularities that may exist, there are skin-rejuvenating techniques that can help fade and remove these imperfections. These options can be discussed with Dr. Jaime Schwartz during your initial consultation. 

Will I Have Scars?

Scarring will occur with almost any cosmetic procedure. However, every effort will be made to place and close the incisions carefully so that scarring is minimized. Scarring eventually fades into faint lines and can be concealed by undergarments and bathing suits. Most patients feel that the physical results following a mommy makeover far outweigh the scarring left behind.

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