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what is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a rare female sexual disorder characterized by painful, and uncontrollable contractions of the vaginal muscles, which make any attempts at penetration feel as if there is a wall or barrier in the vagina. Women may experience pain during sexual intercourse, gynecological exams, or while inserting tampons, setting up a lifelong cycle of pain and avoidance surrounding intimacy. Dr. Jamie Schwartz in Beverly Hills offers a treatment with BOTOX for vaginismus to help women who suffer from this disorder. Schedule a consultation to discover your treatment options. 

signature treatment 

Dr. Schwartz has developed a specialized treatment plan for vaginismus that can be used alongside the care you are already receiving from your regular doctors or therapists. The treatment utilizes BOTOX, injected into the vaginal muscles to relax the area and break the pain cycle. Approximately 10 days after the initial treatment, you can begin dilator use in conjunction with physical therapy. We've seen more than a 90% success rate with the BOTOX®, with clients going on to have vaginal penetration and normal sex lives after just one treatment.

What to Expect

Once you are comfortably sedated, Botox® is injected into one, a combination, or all of the three vaginal muscles responsible for the uncontrollable vaginal spasms, with the dose being divided to inject a larger volume of BOTOX® into the muscles that spasm more uncontrollably. BOTOX® is only injected into the vaginal side walls, and the urethra and rectum are carefully avoided, to prevent urinary incontinence. 

vaginismus FAQs

how long does botox last?

BOTOX remains active in the body for up to four months, but by six months any lingering effects of the drug will disappear. Most vaginismus clients achieve pain-free intercourse by this point and will continue to experience pain-free intercourse in the future.

how fast will it start working

Once injected into the vaginal walls, BOTOX begins to take effect rather quickly, usually in two to five days. However, there is no unusual reaction or change in the vagina or the body signaling the drugs onset, so the client is usually unaware of this process.

Due to the progressive dilation of the vagina in the operating room, most clients are able to insert the largest dilator immediately after the procedure, in spite of the injection’s delayed effect. As the BOTOX injections begin to take effect, vaginal dilation will become progressively easier.

Single or Multiple Sessions?

In most cases, a single round of BOTOX injections can effectively treat vaginismus symptoms. Once the vagina is progressively stretched, and the client can experience pain-free penetration, a second round of injections is rarely necessary.

why botox?

Although BOTOX is most commonly known for its ability to soften the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, this cosmetic injectable is a proven muscle relaxant that can weaken or stop any muscle’s ability to contract, including the vaginal muscles. Depending on the severity of a client’s vaginismus and the number of vaginal muscles affected by the condition, BOTOX doses are administered according to the size of the target muscle, so larger muscles require larger doses.

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