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Your breasts play a big part in feeling sexy. Being happy with the appearance of your areolas and nipples is an important component of your overall body image. A signature nipple/areola complex procedure can be used to resize puffy or oversized nipples for both men and women, help masculinize the appearance of the chest for transgender clients, or replace a surgically absent nipple for breast cancer survivors. 

signature nipple procedures

Many clients seek out Dr. Schwartz for a signature nipple procedure, whether they are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their nipples, or to reconstruct an absent nipple/areola complex following breast cancer surgery. A reconstructive breast authority, Dr. Schwartz began his career at Georgetown University Hospital focusing on breast reconstruction for cancer patients. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals without compromising your safety.

signature nipple reduction

Clients that are unhappy with the size of their nipples may benefit greatly from a signature nipple reduction. While typically performed in conjunction with a breast reduction, a signature nipple reduction may be part of an advanced combination breast surgery, as an individual procedure, performed as part of female-to-male breast contouring surgery, or used to address puffy nipples.

signature reconstruction

For cancer patients, depending on your cancer profile, it is very possible to preserve your nipple/areola complex during a mastectomy. For individuals that are unable to undergo a nipple-sparing mastectomy, a signature nipple reconstruction is an excellent option if you decide this is an important component of your restorative breast surgery.

Both the projection and pigment can be reconstructed using a combination of nipple surgeries along with skilled application of a tattoo.

signature areola reduction

Clients that may benefit from a signature areola reduction in projection or a reduction in diameter may have larger areolas due to larger breasts, due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or genetics.

An areola reduction procedure can be performed as a standalone procedure or as part of breast augmentation surgery. For female to male transgender clients, a signature areola reduction may be performed as part of a top surgery to reshape the nipples for a more masculine appearance. 

After Surgery

Recovery from a nipple procedure is convenient with minimal downtime, and you can return right away to work. Dr. Schwartz's commitment to safety and patient education will give you the best results and quickest recovery possible. 

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nipple procedure FAQs

How Common is it?

Disproportionately large or puffy nipples are very common. In fact, a large majority of the population will have some dissatisfaction with their nipple/areola complex, but it is usually not obvious enough to cause worry or warrant surgery. When your nipples cause intense feelings of discomfort or self-consciousness, surgery may be a consideration.  

What About Scarring?

If a breast lift is part of your signature nipple procedure, some scarring will occur. However, the extent of the scarring will depend on what incision pattern was used. There are varying techniques that can be incorporated during a breast lift surgery. This can be discussed in detail during your consultation. 

is it for men?

Nipple reduction and breast reduction procedures are quite common for men as well as women. Gynecomastia is the technical term for what we commonly call "man boobs," and can be corrected by Dr. Schwartz. Many male clients also opt to have their nipples or areolas resized in combination with the removal of excess breast tissue to improve the overall appearance their chest. 

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