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Why breast lift 

A surgical breast lift is a body contouring procedure that lifts and tightens the breasts by reducing loose skin and reshaping the breasts to produce a more youthful look. This cosmetic breast surgery is offered for women who have lost breast fullness and shape and who are experiencing breast sagging due to aging and gravity, as well as weight loss or pregnancy. Medical breakthroughs in mastopexy techniques have made this aesthetic surgery so effective that new statistics released by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) show around 70% increase in demand for the procedure since 2000. Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, performs this cosmetic breast surgery using the most advanced methods, delicately choosing the proper technique depending on the degree of sag present in addition to the desired aesthetic goal.

signature breast lift

Clients that would benefit from a signature breast lift are healthy women that have finished breastfeeding, and would like an improvement in the their breasts shape and appearance. A signature breast lift can not only elevate your breasts to a more attractive position on your chest, but many clients are pleased to notice that they also fit better in clothing and swimwear, and have a restored sense of self-confidence after the procedure. Depending on your individual needs, a signature breast lift can also be performed with other breast surgeries such as breast augmentation or breast reduction. 


Incision Types

There are several methods that Dr. Schwartz may use to lift your breasts. 

The Bennelli Lift 

This is one of the most often performed breast lifts, and requires an areola incision through which Dr. Schwartz can excise excess tissue while repositioning the nipple to a more attractive location. The advantage of this type of lift is that the incision scar is nicely hidden within the darker contours of the areola complex.

The Standard Lift 

The standard lift utilizes an incision that loops around the areola, winds down the breast and makes a curve at the breast crease, in a shape resembling an anchor. If breast ptosis (sagging) is severe and the nipples hang quite low, then this is the best approach to reverse the condition.

The Lollipop Lift 

This incision loops around the areola and then extends down the front of the breast to the breast crease, resembling the shape of a lollipop. With this type of lift, Dr. Schwartz can re-contour the breast tissue while improving placement of the nipple. The result is a more youthful shape.

The Partial Lift 

During this approach, a crescent moon-shaped incision is created around the nipple, with the areola being repositioned for a more attractive appearance. This kind of breast lift is ideal for those with mild sagging, who are sticking with a smaller cup size.

lipolift® for breast lifting

Clients with drooping or sagging breasts can benefit from a signature LipoLift® procedure to restore the positioning of the breasts and create a more youthful shape and appearance. Having breasts with proper firmness and a youthful shape can improve your overall appearances and help you fit better in your clothes.

After Surgery

After your signature breast lift, you will receive detailed post-operative instructions on sleeping, bathing, exercising and returning to your normally scheduled activities. Dr. Schwartz may prescribe a compression garment to reduce swelling and help your body adapt to the changes. 

In general, you can expect to be up and about with a few days, with a return to normal activity within 7-10 days. It is advisable to wait at least two weeks before returning to the gym for exercise, and to wait 4 weeks before engaging in heavy lifting or strenuous sports. 

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Breast Lift FAQs

Breast Lift or Implants?

While implants may add volume to deflated breasts, a breast augmentation cannot correct breast sagging or skin laxity. A breast lift is the only procedure where excess skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned higher on the chest wall. If a lack of volume is a concern for you, a breast augmentation may be part of the overall treatment plan you decide on during your initial consultation with Dr. Schwartz. 

Nipple/Areola Placement?

The placement of your nipples has a big impact on your breasts appearance. Not only will the nipple areola complex be repositioned to a higher position during your breast lift, but stretched out or enlarged areolas can also be reduced during your procedure, helping to create a better proportioned and more natural looking result.

What About Scarring?

Scars are an unavoidable part of breast lift surgery, but they don't have to detract from your results. Dr. Schwartz uses many techniques to prevent unsightly or excessive scarring such as relieving tension from incision sites and disguising scar patterns strategically under the creases of the body. You can also be proactive about preventing scars by refraining from smoking during your recovery, getting proper nutrition, and carefully following all your post-op guidelines.

Breast Reduction?

If you have overly large, disproportional breasts that sit very low on your chest wall or stomach, then a signature breast lift and breast reduction may be performed at the same time, to give you much needed relief from the burden of unmanageable breasts. 

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