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what is Lipolift®?

LipoLift® is an innovative breast lifting technique developed by Dr. Schwartz, which uses liposuction to precisely reshape, lift, and reduce the breasts, and achieve results that are superior to traditional breast lift or reduction. A LipoLift® breast lift is for women with breasts that sag and droop downward, feel deflated after breastfeeding, or are overly large and disproportionate. This procedure is designed to lift the existing breast, but will not increase breast size or volume. If more volume is designed, the LipoLift® can be combined with a breast augmentation with an implants depending on the desired results. 

Dr.  Jaime S. Schwartz in Beverly Hills developed the LipoLift® technique in response to having met with women who experienced reduced nipple sensation or who were not completely satisfied with the shape of their breasts after their breast lift surgery. A signature LipoLift® reduces risk of complications typically associated with traditional breast lifts, including loss of nipple sensation, and achieves superior results for natural contouring of the breasts and repositioning. The LipoLift® is also less invasive, which minimizes tissue trauma for a shorter and smoother healing time. 

Any woman seeking a less invasive, safer, and more precise breast lift and reduction would benefit from a signature LipoLift® procedure with Dr. Schwartz. 

incision types

periareolar incision


Clients that require a minimal lift would benefit from this type of LipoLift® procedure. This techniques allows Dr. Schwartz to make the incision around the outer edge of the areolar complex, which helps to camouflage the scar in the darker pigments of the nipple. 


Clients who need only a moderate lift may benefit from this type of LipoLift® procedure. The technique allows Dr. Schwartz to remove more excess skin, fat, and breast tissue, and reshape and reposition the breast higher on the chest wall. 


Clients that need a more significant lift or have considerable asymmetry to be corrected may benefit from this type of LipoLift® procedure. This technique allows Dr. Schwartz to remove the most amount of skin and tissue, while reshaping the breasts to a more youthful position. 

The scars resulting from an inverted-T or anchor breast lift are similar to those from a vertical lift, with one additional, thin scar running along the crease beneath the breast. With proper care, scars typically fade considerably over the first year or so after surgery and are easily concealed by clothing, even a bikini top.

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Average Cost  
$6,000 - $15,000
Recovery Time  
1-2 Weeks
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After Surgery

The LipoLift® recovery period is typically shorter compared to the time needed for other breast reduction or breast lift (mastopexy) procedures. Since LipoLift® uses liposuction to contour the breasts, there is less pressure on the scars, which could lead to better scarring.

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lipolift® FAQs

implants or lipolift®?

The LipoLift® is a superior technique meant for lifting and reshaping the breasts, but it was not designed to add volume to your breasts. If loss of volume in your breasts is one of your concerns, a breast augmentation may be performed in tandem with your LipoLift®. Be sure to bring up all your concerns with Dr. Schwartz during your initial consultation, so that together you can come up with a treatment plan that best suits your needs. 

nipple sensation?

LipoLift® is minimally invasive and clients typically don’t lose any nipple sensitivity. In fact, most state that they have hypersensitivity of the nipples after the procedure, because having the surgery actually relieved pressure from their nerves.  


Drains are not needed for the LipoLift®, which allows you to have a more comfortable recovery period. 

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