8 Ways In Which Plastic Surgery In Beverly Hills Is Evolving

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery offers people a way to fix something on their body that causes them physical and/or emotional pain. A brief history lesson on plastic surgery reveals that people worried about this long ago too and started getting rhinoplasties in BC times!

Fortunately, due to new technology and extensive clinical studies, we see new trends and a massive improvement to techniques. California plastic surgeons offer unprecedented alterations for making a more comfortable and confident you.

Here are 8 ways Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is evolving!

1. The Big TRANSitions

Business Insider reported that after Caitlyn Jenner's public debut, surgeons saw a 19% increase in female to male and male to female gender reassignment surgeries. Despite the naysayers, the numbers make it clear that Caitlyn started a trend by taking the taboo out of the transformation, and Beverly Hills leads the way.

What Does Transgender Surgery Entail?

The transition can feel overwhelming at times, but plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills understand this and help make each step run smoothly. The three transgender surgical procedures include:

MTF Top Surgery

This surgery feminizes the chest for a male to female transition and provides several implant options:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants (a favorite)
  • "Gummy Bear Implants" (doctor recommended)
  • Fat grafting, that uses patient fat from other areas

These options allow you to customize your transition and are often paired with other surgeries to create a natural feminine look.

FTM Top Surgery

For the female to male transition, this option is on the rise, offering reduction and sculpting to create a more masculine appearance. The surgeon and patient take size and shape into consideration and together choose the best technique.

Facial Feminization/Masculation

People often choose to pair this surgery with other transitional surgeries in order to create a full body transition. This facial operation alters facial features, changing the structure of the face to make it appear more feminine or more masculine, depending on which way the person chooses to transition. Focus areas include:

  • Jaw
  • Lip
  • Nose
  • Chin
  • Forehead/brow

People choose to undergo this operation for a natural transition because dressing the part simply is not enough.

2. Re-V-amping

In 2017, vaginal rejuvenation came in as one of the hottest trends to hit Beverly Hills and continues to grow. Women choose to undergo vaginal surgery for a host of different reasons that impact their lives. They no longer need to live with the feelings of pain or shame with these procedure options:

Venus Legacy

This lunch break procedure improves appearance and function without going under the knife!


Many women feel embarrassed about the appearance of their inner lips, known as the labia minora when they hang longer than the thicker lips of the labia majora; some even experience discomfort during intercourse and normal activities due to it.

A labiaplasty shortens the lady-lips and reshapes them to give a more desired appearance. This surgery gives women a sense of confidence that their insecurities did not allow.

Labia Majora Enhancement/Reduction

Similar to the labiaplasty, this surgery focuses on the fatter outer lips surrounding the vagina. Women choose this procedure to either shorten the labia if the skin hangs excessively or to give it a puffier appearance.

This operation provides the same sense of confidence as the labioplasty. People often do not understand how empowering it is to feel comfortable with this part of your body.

3. Raising the Rear

For ages, plastic surgery trends faced upwards, butt, things are backing up! If you're looking to get plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, you have several options:

Buns are all the rage and look like a trend that will sit for a long time!

4. Eye See Changes

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, saw its way into 2018 with a welcome. People choosing to undergo plastic surgery in CA, with their sights set on a competitive career, choose this eye-raising surgery.

By eliminating the excess skin that creates bags, and lifting either the upper or lower lid, this operation gives a more youthful and awakened look.

5. Lashing out at the Times

A nonsurgical eye enhancing treatment trending right now is Latisse, the eyelash lift!People literally pop in for a quick visit to the plastic surgeon to take home a prescription for a medication that science says really works!

In the blink of an eye, you're on your way to longer, thicker eyelashes!

6. Improving what Suc-tions

Liposuction still sits at the top as one of the most popular procedures, especially for men, but top plastic surgeons offer an improvement for the process called, SafeLipo.

This procedure offers a less invasive way to dissolve fat in unwanted areas! Furthermore, the procedure stimulates collagen production, so that the areas remain firm and natural looking!

7. Changing Frequency

Technological advancements now allow you to undergo plastic surgery using sound waves, instead of going under the knife!


This procedure uses ultrasound waves to increase elasticity in the skin around your neck, face, and other areas that might develop a chicken skin look. It makes treated areas appear softer and more supple and only requires 1-2 days for recovery.

J Plasma

This noninvasive procedure uses helium plasma radiofrequency beneath the skin to rejuvenate it by tightening the area and stimulating collagen production. Target areas for JPLASMA include the neck, face, back of arms, and belly.

8. Freezing Technology

Cryogenics continues to advance leaps and bounds to provide a wide array of health benefits. One cool method that plastic surgeons offer is Coolsculpting. This procedure works to noninvasively sculpt and shape the body by literally freezing the fat away!

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