Five Benefits of Extreme Weight Loss Surgery and Removing Excess Skin

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Many people lose so much weight after bariatric surgery that they end up with loose or hanging skin. Since the excess skin does not have the elasticity to go down by itself, patients experience problems with mobility and hygiene. Others become embarrassed by the loose folds. During a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz, we can discuss the benefits of skin removal surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. Our clinic lists the benefits of this procedure in detail below.

1. Posture improvements

People with proper posture are supposed to stand upright with their chest out and chin up. With the weight of excess hanging skin, your spine may not straighten properly and develop an unnatural curve. Your neck may also bend forward, so it leans over your chest. After weight loss surgery is specially designed to take away this burden, so you do not develop poor posture in the future.

2. Address neck and back pain

As we stated above, carrying around heavy folds of skin places a lot of unnecessary stress on the body. This also leads to discomfort in the back and neck. This is especially true if the additional weight places pressure on the spine and nerves. Following skin removal surgery with Dr. Schwartz, patients experience far less strain in these critical areas, improving any back pain you may experience.

3. Increased mobility

The most common area for excess skin after bariatric surgery is in the abdominal region. When people get excess hanging skin on the stomach, they cannot always perform simple daily activities. Bending down to pick something up is surprisingly difficult. In fact, some individuals cannot perform certain workouts. Eliminating the loose skin increases mobility and can motivate patients to lead healthy lives in Beverly Hills, CA.

4. Better hygiene

Research indicates that long-term health issues are caused by large folds of hanging skin. Sometimes, patients find the skin challenging to clean, leading to poor hygiene with built-up bacteria and bad odor. Individuals who do not take care of themselves may experience rashes and skin infections as a result. Instead, Dr. Schwartz helps individuals take the steps necessary to eliminate this problem.

5. Improve self-esteem

Before skin tightening surgery, patients usually wear loose-fitting clothing to hide their embarrassing skin folds. Patients can leave their baggy outfits behind and start wearing clothing that actually represents their weight loss efforts. Many people do not realize how much this can affect their confidence. Our team has personally seen how skin removal surgery allows individuals to improve self-esteem and engage in more social activities.

After weight loss surgery with Dr. Schwartz

Many people who reach their weight goals cannot enjoy their accomplishments because they are burdened with sagging skin. After weight loss surgery can improve your self-esteem and body contours at the same time. Even though the removal of excess skin sounds straightforward, you should always seek the help of a trained professional. Dr. Jaime Schwartz has the extensive experience needed to produce the best cosmetic outcome. Contact our state-of-the-art clinic in Beverly Hills, CA to learn how this process works.

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