Vaser Lipo VS SAFELipo: What's The Difference?

VaserLipo vs SafeLipo
Lipo VS SAFELipo: What's The Difference?

Vaser Lipo VS SAFELipo: What's The Difference?

Vaser Lipo VS SAFELipo: What's The Difference?

Are you interested in a procedure that can help you achieve effective longterm weight loss results. Both SAFELipo and Vaser Lipo are a modern form of liposuction which may be more effective than the traditional liposuction procedure. Click here to learn about the differences between the two.

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Weight loss is already difficult enough without the added complications of body shape. Unfortunately, not all lost weight comes off the area a person may desire. When no amount of weight loss seems to get at problem areas, people need to reach for other solutions.

That means a lot of people look to get some assistance with the problem. Liposuction accounted for 246,000 for the 1.8 million procedures done by cosmetic surgeons in 2017.

Body sculpting isn't just about vanity or self-confidence, either. Fat accumulation in some areas poses more of a risk than others. Overall health concerns cause people to turn to fat removal procedures.

For those looking to explore their options with liposuction, questions arise about the types of procedures. This guide will talk about VASER Lipo vs SAFELipo.

VASER Lipo vs SAFELipo

These brand-named body sculpting techniques both work towards the same end goal: the removal of fat layers beneath the skin. They go about the process in different ways which have an impact on the aesthetic and the aftercare or recovery phases.

Each lends itself towards different complications during a surgery. While one may be superior to a particular area or patient type, the other can work better in others.

Liposuction, in general, involves the disruption of fat cells and then their removal. Each technique uses a different force to reach for this effect. The area being treated can make a difference in treatment options.

This guide will highlight how each works. Extra detail will be highlighted for recovery and complications with each.


VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This brand-named machine/technique for lipo comes from Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America, LLC.

VASER is a type of Ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL). It uses sound waves to stimulate fat cells. The overexcited cells rupture at the cell walls which effectively liquifies the fat.

These liquefied cells then get removed with light suction through a device called a cannula.

VASER Lipo weight loss makes fat removal easier for doctors over other techniques. This advantage comes from the lesser force needed to move tools into position.

VVASER procedures are 'minimally-invasive'. Less external cutting gets done to insert the cannulas. This results in shorter recovery times.

Given the minimal invasive status, this technique works well in small areas or more visible areas like the neck and upper breasts and arms.

Typically, VASER takes less than an hour per area to perform.


Best results for a VASER procedure can take six weeks to be seen. This time includes the absorption of fat cells back into the body. It also includes the time for swelling to reduce and entry points to heal.

Minimal activity is recommended for the area to speed up healing. Once the area has fully healed light exercise will help the skin to tone and contour to the area for the completed effect.

Patients report a tightness and a residual burning sensation after a procedure.


Sound waves don't just move out but also can reflect. This can result in inflammation of surrounding tissue. The primary problem then comes from fluid build up.

Fluids sometimes fill up cavities left behind while the connective tissue stabilizes and reknits. VASER leaves less of a cavity than the old tumescent lipo techniques but it is still a possibility. Fluid can easily be removed with a needle with no or local anesthesia.


SAFELipo is an acronym to described the most current and best technique for performing liposuction. It is an acronym that stands for





Unlike other techniques, this is a multi-faceted approach. Different steps must be folThe three-step process starts out with another of liposuction's primary techniques: Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL). This uses controlled power over energy like in lasThe cannula vibrates which Separates the fat cells. The technique has excellent precision and low swelling as a result.

The second step uses suction to remove the liquefied fat known as Aspiration. The process claims to use thinner cannulas for removal. Utilizing smaller tools can result in less trauma but overall takes more time to accomplish.

The final step equalizes the remaining fat with a variety of probes without suction. This smooths out the remaining cells into an even layer to prevent dimpling and other deformities.

Power Assisted Liposuction as part of the SafeLipo technique allows for the smoothest, most natural contours while decreasing short and long-term complications.


Recovery time is a lot faster using the SafeLipo technique. Most patients take only Ibuprofen or Tylenol after surgery and are out to dinner the next evening. Returning to work is usually less than a week.


When it comes down to SAFELipo vs VASER Lipo the biggest risk for complications is the energy used. Vaser lipo (as well as Laser Lipo-SmartLipo) use energy to generate heat. While this may “melt” fat cells there is also a risk of burning the skin permanently and there is a higher fluid buildup which means a risk of seroma. Sometimes drains need to be used for these techniques.

SafeLipo is based on sound principles of removing the deeper layers of fat and smoothing out the areas to blend seamlessly going the most natural contour.

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Deciding on the nuances of a liposuction procedure comes down to choosing a doctor competent with the equipment. In the competition of VASER Lipo vs SAFELipo, the differences result in changes to aftercare and recovery.

The hard part is deciding if liposuction will work towards a person's body and fitness goals. To get more information on how liposuction can help, send us a message and consider a personalized consultation.

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