10 Questions To Ask Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

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You've made the decision to have the breast surgery you've been thinking about for years, and you can't hold in your excitement. All you can think about is how great your whole wardrobe will look with your new breasts.

It's an exciting time for you! Don't let that excitement cloud your judgment, though. To get the best and safest results possible, you need to take the process step by step. The first step is finding the right surgeon and hashing out the details.

Every plastic surgery process begins with a consultation. This is a chance for you to find out if a breast augmentation surgeon is the right fit. It's also a chance to find out more about your upcoming procedure. Here are a few questions you should ask at your consultation:

Questions to Ask Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

At your consultation, you have two goals. First, you want to make sure this surgeon is the right fit for you. Second, you want to find out more about your surgery. These questions can help you find out what you need to know.

Questions About Your Surgeon

During your consultation, assess whether you feel confident in the surgeon's abilities. It's important to make sure you're comfortable communicating with them. Try asking the following questions:

1. What board certifications do you have?

Not all doctors who offer plastic surgery have the specific board certification. Make sure you find a board-certified plastic surgeon. This means they'recertified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which requires extensive, specialized training as well as passing rigorous exams.

2. Are you a member of any industry organizations?

Which certain professional organizations for plastic surgeons require further qualifications than a board certification. One example is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS. This is a clue that your surgeon has extensive experience and keeps up with the latest advancements.

3. How often do you do breast augmentation procedures?

This is an important one. Some plastic surgeons have specialties so they perform some procedures more than others. Don't look only at a surgeon's overall qualifications, but look at their experience in your procedure. A surgeon could have 30 years of experience, but they may not have performed a breast augmentation in two years.

4. Can I see your breast augmentation before and after photos?

Most surgeons have some before and after pictures online. However, due to patient privacy agreements, they tend to have many more at their office. Look for patients with similar body types and procedures to yours. Make sure you and your surgeon have the same idea of what a good result looks like.

Questions About Your Procedure

There are several variations on breast augmentation surgery and many ways to customize it. Discuss the details and find out what you can expect with these questions:

1. What approach do you recommend for me: breast implants, fat transfer, or both?

There are two key methods for breast augmentation: breast implants or fat transfer. In a fat transfer procedure, the surgeon starts with liposuction on your abdomen or another area. The surgeon takes the fat they retrieved, purifies it, and injects it into your breasts.

Fat transfer offers a more natural-looking shape, while breast implants can add more volume. Some patients prefer a mixture of both methods. Discuss the pros and cons of each option with your surgeon based on your needs.

2. What type of implant do you recommend for me?

There are three primary types of implants. A typical silicone implant is most common, and it's made of a silicone gel inside a flexible silicone shell. A saline implant uses a similar silicone shell but it's filled with saline liquid instead. A "gummy bear" implant is like a silicone implant but the gel is thicker and more solid, like the texture of a gummy bear.

The implant your surgeon uses will affect your incisions, cosmetic results, and more. You should choose the best option for your situation by discussing the benefits of each with your surgeon.

3. Would I benefit from adding a breast lift to my procedure?

Breast augmentation adds volume, but if you want to lift sagging breasts, a breast lift is a great choice. It's common to combine a breast augmentation and a breast lift into one procedure. If you don't need a lift, though, this will increase your cost and your recovery time. Talk to your surgeon about the results you want.

4. How will we agree on a size for my implants?

It's crucial to be on the same page with your surgeon about what size you want for your new breasts. At our office, we use a 3D imaging technology called VECTRA(R) in our breast surgery consultations.
This imaging technology lets us simulate what you can expect your breasts to look like. It's a great way to choose the implants, sizes, and techniques that will produce the results you want.

5. What can I expect after my surgery?

Breast augmentation has a rather easy recovery compared to other plastic surgeries. Still, you need to prepare yourself. Your recovery timeline will depend on the type of procedure you receive along with many other factors.

Ask your surgeon what type of recovery timeline you can expect. The surgeon should also give you aftercare instructions for your incisions and other healing tips.

6. What steps should I take now to prepare for a healthy, successful surgery?

Your health before surgery will have a strong impact on your safety and your final result. Ask your surgeon if there is anything you should do to prepare your body before surgery. This could include a diet and exercise program or taking certain supplements. It's also important to stop smoking as long before surgery as possible.

Getting Ready for Your Breast Surgery Consultation

When it comes down to it, preparation and honesty are the keys to a productive consultation. Take your time and make a list of these and any other questions you want to ask. In addition, be prepared to be honest about your goals, your medical history, and more. A successful surgery requires open communication between a patient and a surgeon at every stage.

If you're ready to get your consultation about breast augmentation surgeon in the books, contact our plastic surgery office.

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