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What are Butt Implants?

If you are looking for firmer and fuller buttocks, you can benefit from butt implants. A butt implant procedure with Dr. Jaime Schwartz can improve the shape of your buttocks using solid silicone implants. Sometimes the size you want your buttocks to be isn't obtainable due to genetics, regardless of how many squats you do. In these situations, butt implants can assist you in gaining a more proportionate and sexy body contour. Butt implants are cosmetic surgery that augments with silicone implants to improve the look of your rear end by increasing the contours. Men and women nowadays want the sexy look of a more voluminous rear end, which is the reason Dr. Schwartz in Beverly Hills, CA, is ecstatic to offer butt augmentation surgery utilizing silicone butt implants. If you dream of a more curvaceous body profile, he can create a personalized treatment plan that will answer your questions. Contact our state-of-the-art facility to find out more about gluteoplasty.

What Are The Benefits Of Butt Implants?

A customized butt implant procedure devised by Dr. Schwartz can help you get the curves you want with a number of great benefits, including:

  • Achieving dramatic results
  • Providing a fuller, rounder shape to the butt
  • Creating a firmer, more toned look
  • Improving body proportions

In addition to these great aesthetic benefits, butt implants also offer:

  • Effective results for both women and men
  • No risk of fat reabsorption
  • No risk of leaks (implants are solid silicone)
  • An enhancement option for people without enough body fat for a BBL (Brazilian butt lift)
  • A fast procedure and a relatively quick recovery period

Who is a candidate for butt implants?

A good candidate for gluteal implants is a person who is at their ideal weight or close to it, is in good overall health, wants to improve the shape of their buttocks, and lacks sufficient donor fat for a fat transfer process. The benefits of a butt implant include:

  • Reshaping of the buttocks to desired shape and fullness
  • Making use of solid silicone implants which cannot break or leak fluid into your body
  • Requiring only a single, well-hidden incision
  • Minimizing contact because the implant is placed higher than the bones on which you sit

How does a butt implant procedure work?

Clients that are looking for a firmer, fuller rear end can benefit from signature gluteal implants. Unlike breast implants which are soft, the implants used for a gluteal procedure are made of solid silicone, which cannot break or leak fluid into your body. The procedure is very straightforward, and it requires just a single incision, which, once healed, is usually kept very well hidden underneath your rear end or in the cleft at the base of your sacrum. You do not sit on the implant because it is placed somewhat higher than the bones on which you actually sit. 

What can I expect after butt implant surgery?

The recovery time for your gluteal implant procedure will typically be between 1 – 2 weeks. Most patients are back to work within two weeks. During the initial recovery period, you will be instructed to limit sitting or lying down on your buttocks to allow the implants to settle into their proper positions. You may also be given a compression garment to reduce swelling.

Butt implant FAQ

Can I combine other procedures with a gluteoplasty?
Gluteal implants have become extremely popular over the past few years, often used in conjunction with a Brazilian butt lift for those clients that want more augmentation than would be possible with a fat transfer alone. 

Will I have scarring following a butt implant procedure?
Dr. Schwartz will place the gluteal implants through a single, well-hidden incision that, once healed, no one will ever see.

Will my results from a butt implant procedure feel natural?
An augmented rear end has a firm but natural look and feels to it, about equivalent to the feeling of a person who has been working out with weights or exercising steadily for a number of years. During a consultation with Dr. Schwartz, he will walk you through the butt implant procedure at his Beverly Hills, CA office to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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If your hardworking efforts to obtain a larger butt have been in vain, enhance your curves with butt implant surgery. Dr. Jaime Schwartz can help create a treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment.

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