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What is Cellfina®?

Regardless of how fit and thin you are, there is unfortunately nothing you can do to remove cellulite without assistance. Cellulite is a common problem, and usually appears around the thighs, stomach, and hips, giving the skin a bumpy, dimpled look. Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA is pleased to offer Cellfina® as a cellulite reduction treatment to his Beverly Hills clientele. 

Approved by the FDA, Cellfina can improve the look of cellulite for a period of approximately two years. By pin-pointing the fibrous tissue commonly found in the legs and buttocks with a minimally invasive treatment, Cellfina frees the bound tissue and helps smooth the area in just a few days time. Once upon a time, cellulite was basically impossible to remove, but today you can receive great, noticeable results from the Cellfina procedure with Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that has accumulated under the surface of the skin, which is separated by fibrous septae bands. When the bands become tight, the internal tension can cause puckering of the fat and the result is the appearance of dimpling on the surface of the skin. Common areas for cellulite include the thighs, hips, abdomen, and buttocks. Cellulite is very normal (98% of adult women have cellulite) and it can be brought on by many factors including weight gain, hormonal fluctuations, aging, and/or genetics. 

How does cellfina work?

Cellfina® treats the primary structural cause of cellulite (the fibrous septae bands) for smoother looking skin.  

Cellfina® is an outpatient procedure, performed in the office under light sedation. A numbing medication is applied to the treatment area to minimize discomfort. Using a method called subcision, Dr. Schwartz and his staff will then target and release the fibrous septae bands causing the dimpling appearance of the skin. Depending on the amount of areas being treated, the procedure will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Your cellulite treatment can also be combined with other procedures, such as Thermi™ or SculpSure. 


There is very little downtime with Cellfina®, and most clients are able to resume most of their normal daily activities immediately following the procedure. However, you are recommended to abstain from vigorous physical activity for at least the first 3 days. You will be given a compression garment to reduce swelling and promote optimal healing. 

You will receive a follow-up call the day after your treatment where you can discuss any questions or concerns you might have with a member of the medical staff. 

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Best Candidates

Cellfina® is designed to be a one-time procedure, which can be used on clients with all skin types, but it should be used with caution if there’s any history of keloids.

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Benefits of Cellfina

Cellfina® has been proven to deliver 100 percent noticeable improvements and an outstanding satisfaction rate among all patients for up to two years. The results are long lasting and patients are very happy with their smoother, healthier looking skin and their increased self confidence. 

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