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Why Nipple Correction

Clients that are unhappy with their inverted nipples may benefit greatly from a Signature Inverted Nipple Correction by Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz. It is estimated that 9-10% of women have at least 1 inverted nipple. Although less common, men can have them too. There are varying degrees to inverted nipples. Some only indent some of the time and are reversible with stimulation or changes in temperature. While others are permanently inverted which can be a source of embarrassment, difficulty with breast feeding and even hygiene problems. If an inverted nipple has come upon suddenly or gotten worse, there could be a concern for a breast cancer pulling it inward and a screening mammogram might be necessary. However, for most the inverted nipple was noticed during adolescence, puberty or pregnancy with breast growth.


During a personalized inverted nipple correction consultation with Dr. Schwartz, you will discuss your individual goals and desires. The most common underlying cause of inverted nipples are ducts and other tethering tissues which are too short and pull the nipple inward.

Inverted Nipples have a grading classification system to determine

  • The degree of inversion
  • The likely effect on breastfeeding
  • The best solution to correct the inverted nipple.

Grade1: Using your thumb and index finger to push and gently squeeze on the areola (Hoffman technique) can pull the nipple out. Once out, it may stay out for some period of time. Temperature, stimulation and breastfeeding can also bring the nipple out. Suction cups tend to work for some time.


Grade 2: The nipple is more difficult to pull out then grade 1. When inverted, the nipple tends to retract inwards. Suction cups can work but usually for limited amounts of time.


Grade 3: Difficult or impossible to pull the inverted nipple out.


Surgery can correct any grade of inversion.


Inverted nipples can be more challenging during breastfeeding. Some things to help bring the baby latch on include, manual stimulation, nipple shields or breast shields that apply pressure on the nipple. Some find a breast pump also allows better milk flow.


After performing hundreds of Inverted Nipple Corrections, Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jaime Schwartz prefers his signature technique. He makes a micro-incision at the base of the nipple to gain access to the tethering ducts and tissues. This allows him to gently release the areas putting downward pressure on the nipple. Once released, he closes off the base of the nipple and areola with a suture a designed to keep the nipple out while it heals. Most clients have this corrected in the office utilizing the Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ technique which includes specialized local anesthesia to undergo the procedure without any discomfort. It usually takes less than an hour to correct an inverted nipple.

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Inverted Nipple Recovery

Almost all clients who undergo a Signature Inverted Nipple Correction by Dr. Schwartz, return to work the next day. Due to the Schwartz Rapid Recovery™ technique, About 40% will take regular Advil or Tylenol with most not needing any pain medications. Dr. Schwartz will give you a nipple protector to wear under your bra for 2 weeks during the healing process. Dissolvable sutures are used so there is no discomfort of suture removal. Overall, most clients can have a Signature Inverted Nipple Correction without taking time off.


Inverted Nipple Correction is sought out for many reasons including cosmesis and hygiene. Men and women choose Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz for a Signature Inverted Nipple Correction for more natural looking nipples.

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