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About Tuberous Breasts

Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz specializes in cosmetic breast surgery that ranges from simple cases using breast implants to corrective surgery in other patients. In some patients, normal breast development does not occur, or the breast develops in an unusual way that can lead to a visible deformity. One such deformity that can exist is one known as tuberous (or constricted) breasts. These breasts are generally shorter at the bottom due to an inframammary fold that tends to ride too high. In addition, a constrictive band inside the breast can encircle the breast tissue internally, giving the breast an elongated appearance. When this occurs, the breast often points downward giving it a "tube-like" look. This defect can occur in one or both breasts and requires a skilled and experienced breast surgeon to create a healthy breast and a normal appearance.

At our Beverly Hills, California plastic surgery practice, Dr. Schwartz does tuberous breast correction and allows patients to obtain a normal, symmetrical look they can be proud of.

Goal of Surgery

The goal of cosmetic breast augmentation with a tuberous or constricted condition is to change the breast proportion. A natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing breast usually has approximately 45% of the breast volume above the nipple and 55% below it. This measurement is often what gives a patient an appealing slope, a natural look, and a pretty, symmetric cleavage that looks natural. Not only does achieving this take surgeon skill but a keen eye. Dr. Schwartz meticulously works to create these very important proportions and shape by releasing the internal constrictions so that the implants function harmoniously but placing the implant correctly to create a natural breast shape.


As mentioned, tuberous breasts are often more of an aesthetic concern. However, they can cause some complications for women who are looking to breastfeed. Tuberous breasts make it difficult to nurse and often, there are issues that arise because of the condition. Women who are diagnosed with tuberous breasts typically have a gap of more than 1.5 inches between them. In addition, they are elongated, lack symmetry, and have nipples that point downward. They are not round, full, or perky, like a healthy, normal breast.

Procedure Technique

Typically, several breast cosmetic treatments may need to be done to correct the appearance of tuberous breasts. In some cases, a tissue expander will need to be placed into the breast, followed by breast implants to alter the shape and size of the breast. A lift or tightening technique will also be incorporated so that the breasts appear higher on the chest wall, which also eliminates the downward look. Many women will also need nipple surgery to modify the look of the nipples so they match the new size and shape. This entire process may take multiple surgeries to complete, depending on the extent of the current breasts and the desired results. During your consultation with Dr. Schwartz, he will create a customized treatment plan to correct the deformity, create a normal shape, and give you the size you desire.

What to Expect

Dr. Schwartz uses a combination of techniques to accelerate maximum healing and recovery both during and after surgery. Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ is a term used to describe this process. It starts with a gentler form of general anesthesia called TIVA, which stands for total intravenous anesthesia. Patients are given an IV with medication that provides them with an adequate amount of anesthesia without needing to use a breathing tube or anesthetic gases. Patients will be asleep for most of the procedure and breathing on their own.

TIVA medications wear off faster than general anesthesia and are often out of the body in a few short hours after surgery. Because of this, patients feel less nauseous. In fact, the IV medication has an anti-nausea effect, resulting in a shorter time in the recovery room and an overall smoother experience.

Like after any other cosmetic breast surgery, there will be swelling, tenderness, and bruising after the operation. Patients will be released from the recovery room and sent home to rest, where physical activity should be limited. In most cases, patients need up to 12 weeks of recovery before they can return to exercise and some other normal daily activities. Follow-up appointments will be necessary so that Dr. Schwartz can assess the recovery process and ensure that the breast shape and appearance looks healthy and normal.


What causes tuberous breasts?
Tuberous breasts do not become evident until the process of puberty. Typically, tuberous breasts occur because of insufficient breast tissue. In other cases, the tissue that connects the areola to the breast is shaped abnormally, making the breast appear to be drooping.

How much does a tuberous breast surgery cost?
The cost of a tuberous breast procedure will vary from patient to patient, depending on the number and type of treatments needed. Our office does provide financial planning and payment plans that can work to fit your budget needs. Talk with one of our team members during your consultation to learn more about how we can make your treatment more affordable.

How do I know if I have tuberous breasts?
Tuberous breasts are diagnosed based off of the appearance of the breasts. Typically, the breasts may appear droopy, have insufficient breast tissue making them appear very small, or the nipples may look abnormal. An experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Schwartz, will often be able to properly diagnose your condition.

Are there any other forms of treatment for tuberous breasts?
Currently, the only form of treatment for tuberous breasts and congenital breast deformity is cosmetic surgery. Since tuberous breasts do not necessarily affect your health, they are only really treated through a surgical approach to alter the shape and size of the breasts. However, before undergoing a cosmetic breast procedure, you should always make sure that you are receiving care from a physician that is familiar with your condition. A traditional breast augmentation may not be sufficient to fully correct the appearance of tuberous breasts.

How common are tuberous breasts?
Tuberous breasts may be more common than is documented because often times, individuals do not seek treatment for the condition. Patients often feel embarrassed and unsure if their condition can even be corrected. Dr. Schwartz works with many patients and is skilled to correct this deformity. In fact, patients should know that this is not a rare condition, and it can occur in both men and women. While some people may notice irregularities in their breasts, they may not realize they have a condition at all.

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Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz is a board-certified plastic surgeon who works with his patients to help them achieve their aesthetic goals so that they do not have to feel embarrassed by the appearance of their breasts. Patients come to our Beverly Hills practice from all over and after their first consultation, they feel hope that their breasts can look and feel normal. Through cosmetic surgery, Dr. Schwartz can correct the look of tuberous breasts and congenital breast deformities and create fuller, shapelier, natural-looking outcomes. To learn more and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz, contact our Beverly Hills office today.

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