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Pectoral implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that places a solid silicone implant under the chest muscle to give a man a more muscular appearing chest. For many men, especially those who are heavily involved in fitness and weight lifting, attaining a well-defined, muscular chest can be difficult, regardless of how much attention and focus is put on this muscle group. Dr. Jaime Schwartz in Beverly Hills offers pec implants for men who are already in good shape and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, but need a little assistance to get the results they want. Pec implants are also used to help fill out an underdeveloped chest, which in many cases is a hereditary condition. Pec implants are made to look and feel natural and this is quickly becoming a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men at our Beverly Hills office. 

Why chest enhancement?

The appearance of your chest can have a big impact on your masculinity. Feeling confident when wearing tight T-shirts and showing off your physique is a great way to project health, power, strength and vitality. Pectoral implants can help you convey a more traditionally masculine aesthetic, boost your confidence, rejuvenate your appearances, and compensate for underdevelopment due to genetics. 

During/After Surgery

During the initial consultation, Dr. Schwartz will discuss the various types of implants to consider for this procedure. The implant size and shape will be determined based on the your body type and aesthetic desires. The goal during surgery is to use an implant that forms naturally to the shape and curves of the existing muscle tissue so that a natural result can be attained. 

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