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Top surgery (breast augmentation) can provide a transgender woman with the shapely, feminine breasts she desires to better match her gender identity. Dr. Schwartz understands that the journey to self-discovery for a transgender patient can be a long and sometimes difficult one. We treat all of our patients with the sensitivity and care they deserve, and our aim is to help them feel comfortable, happy, and confident in their own skin. 

There are many options for breast augmentation, and during your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will be determining which type of breast augmentation is best for your individual body shape and goals. Some of the options include: 


Saline implants are comprised of a silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution. These implants can be custom-filled during your surgery to ensure a more exact size. However, Dr. Schwartz doesn't tend to suggest these for transgender clients, as they are more prone to visible rippling or wrinkles in people who don’t have enough breast tissue. 


Silicone implants are comprised of the same soft silicone shell and filled with a softer silicone gel. Many transgender clients prefer silicone implants because they better simulate the look and feel of natural breast tissue. 


Gummy Bear implants are called form-stable or cohesive since they are thicker and maintain their shape. These implants are beneficial for MTF transgender clients since they are anatomical and result in a more natural-looking breasts since they are smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. Dr. Schwartz is one of the highest-volume users of gummy bear implants in the US.

FAT GRAFTING for top surgery which involves using patient-harvested fat to increase breast size and sculpt the breasts. Fat grafting may also be used in addition to implants during your surgery to help improve the shape and definition of your breasts and soften or mask the appearance of the implant.

MTF top surgery may be performed with a number of other procedures including body contouring or facial feminization. During your consultation with Dr. Schwartz, please be sure to bring up any additional needs you may have and talk about your aesthetic goals for your transition journey. 

MTF Top Surgery is being done at Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz's office at Beverly Hills, California, or his Dubai, UAE office.

Schwartz Rapid recovery™

Schwartz Rapid Recovery™ is a term used to describe a combination of techniques Dr. Jaime Schwartz uses to accelerate the recovery process after your top surgery. 

Schwartz Rapid Recovery™ starts with anesthesia. Dr. Schwartz uses a gentler form of general anesthesia called TIVA, which stands for total intravenous anesthesia. Breast augmentation clients are given an IV with medication that puts them in an adequate state of anesthesia without needing to use a breathing tube or anesthetic gases. You will essentially be asleep for the duration of the procedure and breathing on your own. 

Because TIVA medications wear off quickly and are typically out of the body in a few hours, you are less likely to feel nauseous after the procedure. In fact, the IV medication has an anti-nausea effect, resulting in a shorter time in the recovery room, and an overall smoother experience. 

Another component of Schwartz Rapid Recovery™ is minimizing the discomfort of surgery. Dr. Schwartz may inject BOTOX® into the muscles of your chest prior to surgery, or use EXPAREL® (a long-acting local anesthetic) which he places into the muscles during surgery. Most clients take only TYLENOL® after their breast augmentation procedure, can go out to dinner the following night, and typically return to work after one week.

Support from Dr. Schwartz’s nurses and team will be available to you 24/7 after your breast augmentation. 

As you and Dr. Schwartz develop your treatment plan together, he will give you more precise information on what to expect in terms of your recovery. 

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top surgery FAQs

is it worth it?

Top surgery is the most commonly performed gender reassignment surgery for transgender individuals. Although the decision is very personal, many transgender people say this procedure was a vital step toward alleviating their gender dysphoria and the key to being more comfortable with their appearances. 

what about my nipples?

In addition to your augmentation, Dr. Schwartz can help you achieve a more feminine appearance to your chest by resizing or reshaping your nipples. This can be discussed during your initial consultation to determine whether this is the best course for you. 

special considerations?

Transgender clients who are considering a top surgery are required to have been on hormones for at least 18 months prior to their breast augmentation. The reason for this is that hormones alone may result in an increase of breast tissue development, and other significant physical changes. In addition, transgender patients must have received a letter of recommendation from a therapist or licensed psychologist and lived as their preferred gender identity for at least two years prior to their surgery.

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