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Why Labiaplasty

As a Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon and specialist in vaginal rejuvenation, Dr Jaime Schwartz sees women from all around the world as well as all ages that are wanting reduce and reshape their labia. Labiaplasty is becoming one of the most common procedures that Dr Schwartz performs as more women learn that there is a solution to their concerns in this area. Some women will ask about this secondarily during a consultation for other procedures since it is not one of the most talked about areas amongst friends and families. Most women think they are the only ones that have enlarged labia or asymmetry that makes them feel uncomfortable with themselves and relationships. Other women now seek labial reduction due to pain or discomfort in tighter fitting clothing. The recent trend of Yoga pants and spin classes has also made some women self-conscious about excessive labial show. 

Whether for comfort or cosmesis, labiaplasty can truly improves a woman’s quality of life. 


Labiaplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, and in Dubai reduces, resizes, and reshapes the labia minora (inner lips) and/or labia majora (outer lips). During a consultation with Dr. Schwartz, you will discuss your reasons for Labiaplasty and what your goals and desires are. Together you will develop a plan to create the most natural and pleasing outcome to match your body. It is important to understand that seeking Labiaplasty should NOT be embarrassing. Many women develop enlarged or elongated labia without ever having sex or childbirth. Even natural aging, just like the rest of our bodies, can lead to vaginal looseness and skin laxity. In Dr Schwartz’s practice, labiaplasty has one of the highest client satisfaction rates since it can increase self-confidence and sometimes even sexual pleasure.


The labia minora are also known as the inner lips. It is the most common area to undergo a surgical correction since it can interfere with sexual activity, exercise or aesthetically be a source of discomfort or embarrassment.

signature Technique

After performing hundreds of labiaplasties, Dr Schwartz has developed a comfortable, in-office procedure so that women do not have to miss time off of work or kids. He prefers to perform this in the office (although it can be combined with other procedures in the operating room), since it allows both of you to work together as a team to precisely mark the area out together and tailor the procedure to you individually. There is no worry about “waking up after” and then seeing the results. He will show you your beautiful results as soon as the procedure is over. The whole process usually takes less than an hour to reshape, reduce, and resize the labia. 

labiaplasty Recovery

Most women take almost no pain medication after the procedure, while a few will take just plain Advil or Tylenol for a day. You can go back to work the next day. Dr Schwartz asks that you avoid stretching or rubbing the area with tight clothing for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, over 98% of women are allowed to start engaging in sexual intercourse using a lot of lubrication. Dr Schwartz uses specialized sutures that are dissolvable. The labial skin is very similar to your mouth. Meaning when you bite the inside of your mouth, it heals by the next day. The labia heals very quickly externally but needs a few weeks to develop more strength. Overall, using the Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™ Technique for labiaplasty allows women to gain self-confidence or diminish labial discomfort without missing any time from your life.

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