Regenerate Fat in your body | Renuva | Fat Grafting Filler | Dr. Jaime Schwartz MD FACS

The most trending procedure is fat grafting to the butt, hips, breast, calves, hands, and face. To do this, Doctor Schwartz uses liposuction, breaks up tissue, and directly grafts fat in layers allowing for a smooth contour and for the best chance of fat survival. Using your own fat is the best option, but a lot of times patients don't have enough fat. Doctor Schwartz uses fillers and the newest filler by MTF Biologics called Renuva. Doctor Schwartz has injected the highest volume of Renuva in the country and often uses it for fixing dips and deformities caused by badly botched liposuction. _________________________________________________ Dr. Jaime Schwartz is the worlds leading expert body reconstruction and handling the most difficult breast tissue and implant cases. He is the founder of the Beverly Hills Breast Institute and the innovator of LipoLift. Many of his patients are weight loss and lipedema patients who need multiple procedures like a tummy tuck, liposuction, and skin tightening. Dr. Schwartz is known for fixing the most complex cosmetic procedures, breast reconstruction, treating lipedema, body sculpting, non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening, vaginal reconstruction, obesity help and reconstruction, Renuva injections, J Plasma, and his minimally invasive technique LipoLift. Come in for a consult, our entire team love to meet you! We have offices in Beverly Hills and Dubai. Our team is dedicated to creating to safest space to listen with compassion and learn your story to plan what is the best cosmetic and medical option for you. Your best is the only one you’ve got and we’re here to help you through your journey.