Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™

Our method to a speedier, yet safe recovery.

Experience Faster Recovery

Schwartz Rapid Recuperation allows you to be able to return to your normal daily life in a much shorter amount of time and a much more comfortable recovery following your cosmetic procedure at no additional cost. This innovative new technique provided by Dr. Schwartz focuses on enhancing our patients’ experience both before and after their surgical procedure.

About Schwartz Rapid Recuperation™

Board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz is incorporating new, state-of-the-art protocols to help you recover more quickly and safely following cosmetic surgery procedures. Schwartz Rapid Recuperation uses a gentler form of general anesthesia (TIVA) as well as neurotoxins and a long-lasting local anesthetic. This powerful combination decreases your swelling, bruising, and overall discomfort.


The problem with general anesthesia is that the gases used to keep you asleep remain in your body for several days after surgery -- causing you to feel groggy, nauseous, or lightheaded following your procedure. It can also delay your overall recovery process since you are still trying to adjust to the anesthesia leaving your body.

TIVA is a more mild form of IV sedation, where you will essentially be asleep for your entire procedure and breathing on your own. TIVA sedation does not require a breathing tube or anesthetic gases so the effects wear off more quickly -- with less lasting side effects.

What to Expect

Using Schwartz Rapid Recuperation, nearly all (over 90%) of our patients are able to stand, walk, and even go out to dinner a day after their surgery. Typically, you only need an over-the-counter medication to help control any pain following if needed. Most clients are back to work in a week.

Of course, we always provide detailed aftercare instructions, follow-up appointments to evaluate your healing process, and our stellar, caring nurses and team 24/7 after your procedure.

Putting the safety and health of his patients first, board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz remains on the cutting edge of medical innovation. Contact our Beverly Hills, CA location today to find out more about the benefits of Schwartz Rapid Recuperation and the alternative sedation methods we offer.